Industry Engagement and Consultation

Industry Engagement and Consultation

The industry engagement phase is a crucial element of the project to ensure the industry has the opportunity to contribute to the strategy development. An extensive consultative programme, comprised of a series of interviews with key stakeholders and operators, an electronic survey of tourism operators and a series of facilitated regional workshops to feedback to the industry key findings and to gather views of participants to feed into the final strategy.

The workshops will be a series of geographical participative consultation workshop for the industry and key stakeholders. The workshops will be interactive facilitated workshops where we will look to share with the participants the key findings from Stage 1 and importantly to gather the views of the participants in assessing the past, success to date, challenges and ways forward in shaping and delivering the Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy. Participants will receive a briefing beforehand to alert them to the issues and their role in them.

The workshops will be open to all marine, outdoor and wildlife activity businesses,  community groups local authorities and public sector organisations.

Outdoors Scotland Regional Workshops

UK Consumer Research Video Presentation

Project Partners

The Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy is an initiative led by Wild Scotland and Sail Scotland (project partners) to champion a collaborative approach for the sector to drive Scotland forward as a leading outdoors tourism destination for sustainable, and environmentally focussed marine and outdoor activities aligned to Scotland’s Outlook 2030.

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