Product Audit

Product Audit

To fully understand Scotland’s Outdoor Tourism offer and product we will be undertaking a detailed product audit (supply) of Outdoor Tourism in Scotland. This will include the development of a comprehensive database of outdoor tourism operators in Scotland to determine their capacity, maturity to be able to attract and contribute to the visitors’ quality experiences.

Gathering the data for the database requires the following steps to be undertaken:

  • Desk research of Wild Scotland, Sail Scotland, DMO and VS web sites to draw together a first trawl database.
  • Contact with DMOs, Chamber of Scotland, local authority and other agencies’

From the product audit analysis we aim to  identify product gaps, for inclusion in the identification of ways forward. This will inform the market positioning of Outdoor Tourism in Scotland and to build a robust understanding of the size and scale of the Outdoor Tourism Industry in Scotland.

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Project Partners

The Outdoors Scotland Tourism Strategy is an initiative led by Wild Scotland and Sail Scotland (project partners) to champion a collaborative approach for the sector to drive Scotland forward as a leading outdoors tourism destination for sustainable, and environmentally focussed marine and outdoor activities aligned to Scotland’s Outlook 2030.

Strategy Delivery Team