Dumfries & Galloway Adventure Tourism Accelerator

Programme Structure

One-to-one support throughout the duration of the programme.

Alongside the below workshops, one-to-one business improvement sessions will be scheduled with each participating business every month. These are designed to provide bespoke guidance and an opportunity for discussion with mentors experienced in adventure tourism.Outcome: Creation of a business improvement plan that is unique to your business.


The workshops have been designed to meet the needs of each participating business and address the gaps and opportunities for growth identified in One 2 One reviews. The practical aspect of the workshops will be each business developing a Business Improvement Plan tailored to their own specific needs.

The workshop Learning Styles will include:

  • Presentations – Information presented by BTS facilitators and speakers using slides and / or a flipchart and participants listen. Will be used for introducing a topic or theme and for communicating clear facts.
  • Whole group discussion – Group will be asked a question and discuss together. Used to engage whole group in discussions.
  • Small group discussion/exercises – explain an exercise to the whole group, then ask them to address it in smaller groups. This will be where the group have had a more complex presentation and they are being asked to discuss it and consider how this might impact their businesses. This will also be useful to engage all participants getting them to interact with each other.
  • Pairs exercise – participants paired off to discuss specific topic / opportunity and to then feedback to the group their observation.

Individual exercise – the participants will be asked to think about something unique to themselves or their organisation, or where some research is required. Participants will be asked to explore a topic, develop content for the Business Improvement Plan in preparation for the next workshop.

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