Let’s Grow Adventure Tourism Workshops

Workshop Programme

As a result of COVID and the lockdown restrictions, delivery of the Let’s Grow Adventure programme has to be adapted to a mix of facilitated on-line workshops while lockdown and social distancing restrictions are still in place and live workshops on the anticipation that lockdown restrictions will be eased in 2021.


Depending on the COVID restrictions timeline the approach for the delivery of the workshops will be:

  • Workshops 1, 2, 3 Delivered on-line, broken down into multiple shorter sessions (60-90 minutes) over a 12-14 week period November – February. Each session will be scheduled for 2.30 pm start and last no more than 90 minutes. The first workshop will be 90 minutes to allow for welcomes, orientation of the programme, introductions and then moving on to the content.

You will be sent a Let’s Grow invitation for each workshop, open your invite (from either your email or calendar) to join the workshop.

Every workshop session will include a presentation and discussion to support you as you develop your own Business Improvement Plan.

The One 2 One meetings will also support you develop your Business Improvement Plan.

  • Workshop 4 & 5 Delivered as a residential workshop March 2021, COVID restrictions permitting
  • Workshop 6 Delivered as a live event March 2021, COVID restrictions permitting

Workshop 1

  • Theme: Adventure Tourism Market Insights.
  • Objective: Understanding of your business’s market position.
  • Outcome: Gained required knowledge to develop post Covid 19 marketing plan.

This workshop will help businesses understand how Adventure Tourism is evolving from the Adventure Travellers perspective and how you can put simple proactive strategies in place to keep up with these global trends and the evolving Adventure Travellers Travel Experiences. We will be looking at national and international market insights, strategic partnerships and what it means for your business. We will explore who are Scotland’s competitor set and what do we need to do in Scotland to raise our positioning?

  1. Session 1; Thursday 12th November @ 2.30pm – Market Insights – Understanding Adventure Tourism Landscape – Global Trends
  2. Session 2; Wednesday 25th November @ 2.30pm – Market Insights – Understanding Adventure Tourism Landscape – National Picture
  3. Session 3; Wednesday 9th December @ 2.30pm –  Consumer trends other insights, Target Markets and Customers Segments

Workshop 2

  • Theme: The digital age and the experience economy within tourism.
  • Objective: Understanding the use of digital technologies in your business, transforming your experience for the digital world.
  • Outcome: Gained required knowledge to develop your tourism experience and prepare a digital development activity plan.

These sessions cover digital marketing and who are active users of the fast advancing world of technology, travel and accommodation products and services. The continued growth of this sector relies on keeping up with current and future technology trends particularly in travel Apps, virtual reality, immersive technology and marketing technology, so that businesses can adequately and strategically continue to engage and attract the Adventure Traveller segments. The combination of transformational technology will challenge each company to reimagine their core business, resulting in new and innovative approaches to the historic complexities of the Adventure Tourism Industry.

This session will help participants understand how to engage with their customer using digital marketing and technology and how to influence them along the customer journey and at different stages of their decision making process.We will look at digital strategies and campaigns as well as booking systems and bookable products.

Tourism is all about experiences. Providing a ‘wow’ experience for visitors is great for business.  What exactly does an ‘authentic’ tourism experience look like and how is it delivered in a business? The final session is an introduction to the fundamentals of experience development. We’ll look at at what’s essential for you  to turn a product or an activity into a memorable and remarkable experience.

  1. Session 1; Wednesday 6th January @ 2.30pm – Developing your digital capability and capacity
  2. Session 2; Wednesday 20th January @ 2.30pm – Technology solutions for your business / Bookable Products / Experiences
  3. Session 3; Wednesday 10th February @ 2.30pm –  Understand-ing data and how to use in the tourism industry / Experiential Tourism – Product Development and Experience Design

Workshop 3

  • Theme: Routes to market and understanding the mechanics of the travel trade.
  • Objective: Identify what market routes fit with your business model and aspirations.
  • Outcome: Development of your marketing plan for 2021/2022.

Working with distribution partners and intermediaries is essential for tourism businesses to reach more potential customers. Who are these mysterious distribution partners, why do you have to pay them commission and what exactly can they do for your business?

Having a Travel Intermediary Trade Plan is an important part of a marketing plan that identifies how to work with tour operators, an essential communication and sales channels to getting product into overseas and GB markets.  It is essential that your business is appropriately equipped and know how to offer your products and services more widely afield than just to the Scottish domestic market.

In these sessions we will guide you through the practicalities and processes – and the actions you must take within your business – to work with the travel trade. We will be looking at opportunities to market nationally and internationally, how to target visitors, market and consumer trends. We will be speaking with a Scottish business who market internationally and where the journey has taken them. You will get insights into Scotland’s key markets and  take a closer look at the commercial requirements of working with the trade before we hear from a small group operator on product development for the trade.

  1. Session 1; Wednesday 17th February @ 2.30pm – Working with the Travel Trade (part 1)
  2. Session 2; Wednesday 3rd March @ 2.30pm – Working with the Travel Trade (part 2)

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